"Duinhotel Tien Torens is a special and unique project in which landscape, architecture and interior form a balanced whole. Everything is aimed at letting you enjoy it".

- Architect Timko Lokerse

One with the dune landscape

Due to the integration in the landscape, the appearance mainly consists of dune vegetation. The terraces and interiors of the dune lutes are hidden behind the marram grass. Helm grass ensures a lively and constantly changing appearance of the hotel. In the exterior, as many natural materials as possible have been used. The hard wood of old bollards has been sawn and reused. Basalt stone retaining walls connect the hotel with the dyke of Zoutelande which disappears under the hotel in the dune.

Buitenkand DHTT Buitenzijde Tien Torens web 7 Buitenzijde Tien Torens web 6

Sustainable hotel in Zeeland

Sustainability is an important and unique aspect of Duinhotel Tien Torens, which is reflected in the design of the hotel and in the sustainable way of generating energy. The hotel generates most of its energy itself, it is a sustainable hotel. Solar panels generate electricity and provide hot tap water, optimal temperature in the lodges through underfloor heating and floor cooling and power for all other household appliances.

The position of the sun has also been taken into account in the design. The awning above the terrace prevents overheating due to the summer sun, while the low sun warms the interior during the cold winter months.

Comfortable outdoor life in Zoutelande

Inside and outside are separated by a sliding glass door. Daylight can reach the interior unhindered through this transparent facade. When you open the sliding doors, your terrace and interior space form a large, connected outdoor room. Characteristic of all lodges is the large surface area of the terraces.

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